Client has built one of the largest, dependable networks in the utilities sector and provides expert advice in procurement, energy services, and supply services across three continents, with over 16,000+ customers.

Client started their operations in 2012 and has rapidly scaled up to a team of over 550 Energy advisors. Technology has been the backbone of client’s industry innovation, driving phenomenal growth over the past few years.

Problem Statement

As a fledgling startup, all stages of the customer acquisition cycle and post-acquisition support were manually handled by client employees. As the company embarked on a sharp growth trajectory, the underlying processes were unable to keep pace with the fast-changing business needs, and scale up to support large volumes of transactions.

This resulted in:

  • Redundancies in people, communication, and data
  • Inefficiencies in key processes around estimating, quoting, and contract management
  • Impacting overall turnaround times across numerous key processes
  • This in turn created serious issues in the quality of their engagement with the customers, resulting in customer and revenue loss

Solution Overview

Given the unique, innovative nature of their business, the client decided to drive their business using technology as a key enabler. A custom CRM and ERP platform was envisioned that redefined how customers are engaged and serviced in the energy services domain.

Client did a thorough investigation into potential technology service providers, and partnered with NCompass for its technological competency, and partnership terms that closely aligned with client’s goals. NCompass, closely collaborated with client's business and functional teams, designed and built a bespoke enterprise level Energy services platform, which encompassed the following features:

Consolidated Quote-to-Cash digitised workflow platform: Using scalable technology architecture to handle very large volumes of data with quick response time, client’s core business processes were comprehensively automated by implementing digital workflows

  • Customer Information Management: Master data management and single view of customer
  • Lead Management: Outbound calls, Follow-ups, Appointments, email campaigns, Reports
  • Pricing, Estimations and Quotes Management: Integration with ECOES to fetch meter status functionality within this module enabled quote building and single click e-signing of the contract
  • Contract Management: Contract Creation, Negotiations, Contract Execution (LoA was automated by incorporating e-sign)
  • Billing and Automated Invoicing: Integrate with third party services to instantly retrieve customer consumption data and incorporate it into Billing. Process complex payment schedule data across 1000s of contracts and generate invoices in large volumes without errors.
  • Revenue Recognition and Payment Terms Automation: Highly flexible revenue forecasting models and advanced visualisation tools to provide realistic projection of revenue from every contract.
  • Sales Agent Performance Tracking and Commission Management: Single view for every agent to view the commission due to them, sales targets, payment status, and clawbacks. MIS reports, and performance metrics available by manager, region, country etc.
  • Compliance Management: Workflow to manage every single stage of the compliance cycle by integrating with third party services to check validity of Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) and contract status. A digital document repository was inbuilt within the workflow.
  • Renewals Management: A workflow was introduced that produced constant and targeted alerts and reports pertaining to contract expiry.


The platform enabled instant generation of price matrix providing live quotes, which was a first in the Energy Procurement industry. This, along with an exceptionally streamlined enterprise workflow and data, significantly reduced the overall length of the purchase cycle from days to within hours. This resulted in an increase in new contracts closures by 70 to 80%, and significantly improved customer retention through higher renewal rate.

In 2019, the client became the largest energy consultancy in the United Kingdom by revenue, number of clients and advisor headcount.